Now school staffs don’t want to talk to the parents directly to discuss on the fees related issues, and our Fees Management System will help them to complete this task faster. If a student has not paid the school fee yet, you can inform parents of this issue by sending SMS through the system. Keeping records of online payment and payments through bank accounts was not so easier before ACADIKA was introduced. Our Fees Management System includes technologies that help in both admission fee collection and refunding the amount for cancelled admission.

Moreover, the system automatically defines to parents about different mediums, houses, fee types for individual classes, cashbooks, fee heads, etc. The stress of standing on long bank queues to pay fees will be reduced to the barest minimum or fully overhauled. The school Management System should give a platform that permits parents to make fee payments online. This may be a lot of convenient technique for the parents and to avoid late fees problems, the school management system should be ready to send an SMS update regarding fees that haven’t been paid.
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