Our ACADIKA is nothing but an “Online School in India“. It gives access to online education system-related information and academic information for teachers, staff, and administrative authority. Even parents can gain online access through this system to discuss with teachers on a student’s performance, to gain access to a student’s attendance records, to know about fees and exam related issues, etc.

This module is part of “Online Schools in India” which also allows access to school certificate lists, holiday list, scholarship list, event calendar, etc. All these services prove useful to the parents and the teachers because they remain informed always for taking action to increase productivity within the student. There are pie charts, bar charts in the system that help to analyse students’ performance.

The importance of “Online Schools in India” will be seen within the ease parents interact with the school. The school Management System should give a platform to stay the parents engaged and well-read enlightened their kid’s performance and activities. This school data should be created and accessible on the software system at any time, starting from Students performance to assignments.
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