When parents will enquire about the staff they will like to know about the staff profile and you have to develop particular criteria for that. Use our Staff Management System to enhance the process of staff management. Enter the staff profile in the system according to the designation. The system includes a chart where your entry information about teaching, non-teaching, the administrative staff is available to help parents gain access to this useful information always. Load the system with detailed information on present staffs that have been terminated, keep a record of the reason for termination, retired staff, and update this information automatically through the Staff Management System. This will help you prepare a list of teachers who are teaching individual subjects. A platform wherever students will transfer, upload, or submit an assignment or school assignment, notes & project work. The school management software system should be accessible to Parents, Students, teachers and staff. All the Tasks should be customizable and ERP should permit integration of colors, pictures, videos, .and different attachments and made offered to students as soon as it’s sent out.
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