Acadika is the “best school management system” that we have developed mainly to use in schools as a student information system. Acadika is an “online school management system” enabled with a multitasking tool that helps in managing all important tasks related to school activities. At the same time, this will help to developing a strong bonding between the teachers, the students and the parents as well. SOFTWARE COMBINED WITH INTEGRATED MODULE: This “online school management system” is available with many integrated modules and thus allows users choosing a relevant solution from the modules. There are features to use as a special education system, as library, fees, textbook and vehicle management system, as grade book, etc. Teachers, staffs, students, parent, Management and the admin body can make use of this ERP and Mobile App together to gain access to relevant data anytime it is required.

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This best school management system can be used extensively as the record management software. Using the software, it will be easier for the school to maintain records and teachers can use these records to show how students are performing a daily basis and in exams. Analysing all the records of the students scale the academic growth of the students in overall and in particular as well. Not only school teachers but students and their parents also can make use of this information system to discuss with teachers on the child performance issues and to keep monitoring the overall performance of the kid.


While using management software users generally think of the safety issues but it is not a big deal when you are using our ACADIKA software. We have developed it in a manner that people who are related to the system can only access the software, no one else. Our software is user friendly in the sense that it works as a single server device that combines all necessary components in one system but provides distributed and clustered access to users across the world. That is why it becomes easier to maintaining scalability while using our software.

“Online School Management System” is the need of the time?

The biggest question is why does the “online school management system” is need of the time?? There are many schools who require the “Online School Management System” (ERP) for better management of the resources. Today, schools have resources spread in multiple divisions and so they require to manage their resources effectively. Therefore, the question still remains unanswered why can we require an ERP for the school. The solution to the present question is extremely simple – Like “Multi-National Company” a school is additionally an organization that features a lot of resources spread up altogether direction – namely student, teachers, administrative staff, clerks, school premises. For effective and proper management of the school Management System of these resources is very important. For the right management of any institute, it’s vital to have a really well-advanced plan of – the way to utilize the resources. the Online School Management System” – ERP provides that platform that facilitates ineffective management of the school. The central management of the school is extremely important because it removes the redundant tasks that are carried at the institution. The central data storage results in quick access of knowledge in the least departments which removes the redundant administrative tasks of generating the data whenever required because the data is prepared to be used rather than building the data whenever it’s required.


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