Our student management tool has gained high appreciation from many schools, colleges, students and parents. We offer a comprehensive solution of web-based systems related to student information that is necessary for modern schools in tracking student data, managing various activities an even recalling essential data at the end of academic sessions for preparing authentic reports based on relevant information.

Our effective management module is developed keeping in mind the present requirements of the functioning process adopted by major institutions. We have even incorporated several divisions and subdivisions in our system to make your job easier and cater to extensive data collection for in-depth analysis.

Our software is developed with cutting-edge technology that offers flexibility in managing and scheduling work courses of institutions. They are highly flexible to set up class allocation for educational institutions.

Our software module helps to update attendance records instantly. Teachers can even resort to automatic updates that prevent them to manually enter attendance records of individual students. Our module also has the facility to send alert messages to the guardians of students and help them to keep a tab on their wards.

Our software module helps in structuring fee receipts and even keeping records of all kinds of fees collected.

Our software module covers details of exams and even defines various subjects, including their qualifying marks, etc.

Our software solutions are capable to produce restructured time table allotting teachers with their respective class timings.

Our innovative module helps to keep all details of occupational and relevant personal details of staff involved in any organization.

Our module is capable to keep effective and relevant records related to all disciplinary actions of individuals.

Our advanced software module is capable to keep records of library-including records of books, journals, etc. it also comes in handy to report new requirements and keeps actual records of books and journals lent or received.

Our innovative software solution is capable to keep records of all vehicles of any organization and even help to prepare scheduling charts for their use.

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